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11th June 2020

Why toxin injections help with migraines is not fully understood. Sensory nerves carry pain impulses and secrete chemicals such as CGRP (calcitonin gene related peptide) – a neuropeptide. Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and…

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How to stay looking good during lockdown

10th June 2020

So there are millions of you out there that cannot wait for the end of lockdown as we know it. I know that since the end of last week my Clinics in both London and Exeter have been inundated with requests from patients seeking to have their faces ‘tweaked’ with botox or some form of dermal filler. Why is this do we think? That people have a fear that their faces are going to fall off or indeed fall apart because they have not seen their Aesthetic doctor for a few months?

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Birthday Baby Botox My Meeting With Dr Pradnya

1st May 2020

II have to admit I was anti botox before I met Dr Pradnya Apte. I had good skin, took care of myself, so I didn’t think I needed it. Then I started to get older, worked in front of a computer and was very expressive with my face.

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Vitamin D BLOG

27th April 2020

Vitamin D is one of the most essential “vitamins” needed to support proper bodily functioning! It is so important at this particular time with us spending more time indoors due to the way of the world that we all need to supplement our diets and bodies with this essential nutrient. WHY WE NEED VITAMIN D…

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22nd April 2020

Recent research has shown that a lot of people are not sleeping due to uncertain times that we are living in which are not only unprecedented but also unusual living in a democratic society. Anxieties related to loss of control and uncertainty are understandable  during this pandemic.While a natural fear response is par for the…

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