Premier Model Management

8th April 2020

As I stepped out of my cab on a chilly though beautiful Monday morning and saw the Premier Model Management signs on the glass door, I did a little dance inside as I knew that this was an opportunity that many would dream of and I was lucky to have a chance to meet some…

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How to stop excessive sweating – top tips

30th May 2019

I have a male client who travels regularly to Dubai on business and used to go through five shirts a day because of his excessive sweating. Dark patches would appear under his arms whilst the back of the shirt would become discoloured and stick to his skin. His clothes buying and laundry bills were sky…

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Hyperhidrosis Q & A

17th November 2016

Q: I seem to sweat a lot and find it terribly embarrassing and I can’t wear certain tops because of it. What is this condition called and is there any treatment I take have/take to help? A: Excessive sweating or medically known as Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. The…

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